Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Faded Voices

By: April L. Gerard

Our voices
were once heard.

Tears, Laughter,
small daily details
or thoughts on dreams
and passing ideas
were once shared between
each of us.

We don't seem to do that
much anymore.

Alexander's invention
now sends silent words
that never fill a conversation
and tie us to an e- world
void of human touch.

Yes, Our voices were
once heard.

Maybe its a sign of the times,
maybe its just me.
but somethings just
shouldn't be discarded so easily.

and what of handwritten letters?
Words we couldn't say out loud,
but wanted to say?
When did we forget those?

Our human history is filled
with the need to write,
to express our thoughts
into meaningful words.

Yet we no longer write
by hand anymore. 

Our voices..
they were once heard.

They mean something,
they carry our songs
and I wonder...
when did ovr voices
lose their beauty?

Tell me,
When will we hear them again?


Savvy Aggarwal said...

Very very well knit together thoughts. And it's really very disappointing that we're slowly losing the human touch and our conversations are becoming devoid of feelings. Hopefully those days of letters and beautiful conversations shall return soon.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Savvy aggarwal- thank you. Yes, it would be nice to see the days of letters and conversations return, or at least be better integrated with our modern lifestyle of online chatter and such.