Friday, April 6, 2012

Remember Your Dreams

Hello to all my dear Readers,

It has been quite a while since I've posted. I know I had mentioned earlier this year that it might be that way for a while.  Life it seems, has really kept me busy.  Its been a good year though.  My daughter is now done with her chemo..a whole year's worth of them that we can finally move on from.  She's doing wonderful, quite the typical 12 year old these days :) 

I've been writing alot lately, although not on here.  My quest to complete my fictional novel the one you know as Kipleyarren over there on my word counter off to the sidebar where I woefully neglected to update the actual number of words written) has finally been met and now, I'm doing the edits,etc.  The title has changed of course, and there are quite a few major revisions I need to do, but I am getting there.  No matter where my writing takes me, I'm most proud of the fact that I finished what I started.  Goals are not always the easiest things to achieve, but when we persevere and have faith in ourselves- then indeed our dreams, our goals become our reality- one slow and steady step at a time.

Which brings me to the thought that brought me back here to my blog today.  If there was one thing I wanted to tell the world its this:
Dreams are worth more than anything anyone could ever offer you.  They feed our souls, give us a sense of accomplishment and worth.  Never, ever let anyone stop you from doing what you love- because believe me, there are many out there who would gladly rob you of your dreams because of their need to believe in their own percieved notion of how reality should work.

Give your dreams their wings and you'll find a part of you that you long thought you'd lost somewhere along the way as each day that came took you further into your own adulthood.  And as you reach for those things you always wanted to try, be kind enough to encourage those around you to do the same.  Dreams should never be stolen...they were meant to be real and alive with our hearts and our passions for them.

Have a wonderful week everyone :)