Friday, August 19, 2011

Little "Big" Things

Little "Big" Things by April L. Gerard

Gentle smiles,
precious yellow stains
smeared on faces too innocent
to see beyond the wonders of child's play.

Children whose eyes sparkle with merriment.

Just one of the things we call little,
yet it becomes so much more in heart-
things we should never forget.

A hand to hold,
A smile with soft kind eyes,
security wrapped in arms never forgotten
and touches always remembered.

Lovers whose hearts never could quite forget.

Little bits of tenderness,
tucked in carefully wrapped memories-
things that our hearts need filled with.

Sounds of warm sands,
dancing waves of breathless whispers,
little tones of music made by life itself-

The array of beauty in every being.

These, these very smallish,
 sometimes forgotten moments-
 these are the little "big" things.

Things that teach us love.
Teach us hope.
Teach us the joy of who we are.


dianne said...

This is really lovely dear April, the little things are those we treasure and enrich our lives.
xoxoxo ♡

Jeanne said...

And now I've found yours! Not seeing a Followers widget?

findingmywingsinlife said...

Dianne, Thank you my friend.

Jeanne, it should be just under my CLEAR GREY pic, entitled "Lovely Readers" Glad to see you've found me though :)

Don't you hate it when... said...

That was really cool

Magical Day Dream said...

This is absolutely beautiful :)