Thursday, July 14, 2011

To Know What's Best

"To know what's Best" is a poem I wrote on October 8, 2010.  It is not a poem I would normally share, but today I feel like its something worth sharing with everyone.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and if not, just remember the up's and down's don't last forever.  The sun always shines through.

Photo taken by me at Chain O' Lakes State Park 2009.

To Know What's Best by April L. Gerard


Wet salt slides down over
the bridge of my nose,
from the corner of my eye
to the bed beneath me.

The phone in my hand.

One tear.
Two tears.
A Critical examination...
...of myself.

The honesty.

A song and prayer are uttered,
in quiet whispers.
Stinging streams,
streak my face now.

foot rocks gently back and forth,
attempts at sheltering myself
from how I feel.

I didn't mean to feel this way.
I feel like I have somehow wronged you.
Because I feel this.

Knees touch my chest.
My soul aches and screams silently.

till morning fills the room.

Too perceptive of things I'm told.

Give me strength my lord,
for only you know whats best

Feet hit the floor.

I tuck it all away,
knowing I'll only think of this
when its safe to do so,
but not knowing when it will be safe
ever again.