Monday, June 20, 2011

Truth of Us

Truth of Us by April L. Gerard

 Did you know that you can't outrun yourself
 and that the heart is firmly planted in our souls? 
 What it feels cannot be unfelt and cannot be run from.

Rains of blues- soft melodies of jazz and other tunes,
beats of bass drumming to the waves of thoughts unsaid.
Sounds that give meaning to what is felt,
what will always be felt.

It does not go away,
It does not always stay.

But we...the very humans we are,
We always want it to.
Want these things to stay,
even if it means carrying a certain kind of hurt.
We want it, because we do not wish to lose love's value.

I often wonder if you too think of this,
or do you really want to?

You can't outrun yourself,
the heart is firmly planted in our souls-
and what it feels cannot be unfelt or run away from.


dianne said...

Beautiful dear April, even the remnants of the hurt of lost love remain with us, it is still some kind of strange comfort.

xoxoxo ♡ said...

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Dishilicious said...

how very true.