Monday, June 6, 2011

Broken Down

Its been such a long time since I've posted on here and for that- I truly apologize.  Writing is one of my passions I've had since I was little, but Life it seems has really been getting ahead of me.  Some of the happenings have been good and wonderful, while other things have been not so good- but they are things that help define the who that we are in this Life.  It is with that thought in mind that I wrote this poem earlier today while sitting in a waiting room...

Broken Down by April L. Gerard

There are pieces,
strewn about in uncertain tomorrows
and littering yesterday's paths.

Fragments, each telling its story
of where it used to be,
how much force it bore,
and where it fell...
..when it became to fragile from the wear.

There are pieces,
some small like slivers shaved and curled,
others sized like jagged rocks ripped from their beds-
replaced with hard earned lessons,
whether asked for or not.
Lessons that light the candle
of a wise soul's inner flame.

These pieces,
invisible to the naked eye
and seen with our hearts mind-
it is these that matter.
They are things that teach us who we are
and who the world is to us.

They are precious
and sometimes bittersweet
or broken down- leaving us to wonder
at the trail we've made of  losses, of pains,
of shear wonderment, and of loves.

Yet these pieces, collected
in a mosaic of beauty, sorrows, joys, and
growth- in our innermost self they form
our soul's journey to know Life and Love.