Sunday, May 8, 2011

To Break the Sound Barrier

by April Gerard

There are days,
when I wonder if a friend of right. Still I know he's wrong.
Nights of despair knowing my own road of sorrows.
A road we each have owned somewhere along the way.
A place in our hearts where we've sown our pictures
to the walls to never forget..the pain caused.

I believe it could be different,
if we let it.

Constant reminders turn feeling into belief.
Belief that if it was this way once,
it'll be that way again.
But that's not true, I'm positive of that.
We just never venture out beyond the walls we've built.
Never take the time to throw away the hurts.
The scars we leave in each other.
Humanness certainly has its way with feeling.

For some its enough to say no more,
still its not impossible is it?
Takes a lot of thinking against the grain
to believe in the possibilities.
So many people who cant see where they are.
So many who forget you can't outrun your own heart,
for it is firmly planted in our souls.

I want to know the sort of things
that we often never let ourselves discover.

Shades of blues paint over our loves
in ignorance of our souls.
So many who would rather hold a stone,
than to lose what part of their heart that still cares.
and what parts still wish to be cared for.
The human condition is to feel,
so why do we run from it?

Years ago, it was believed
 no one could break the sound barrier.
And yet it was.

Do you suppose then, that we could learn to love?


dianne said...

Beautiful prose dear April, I think that there is always hope of forgiveness for past hurts if both people can overcome the past, mend and look to the now and the future.

xoxoxo ♡

Opaque said...

Yes! Definitely!

pilgrimchick said...

When I read this, it was very easy to recall relationships very much like it.

Denise said...

Learning to love is the hardest thing to do. Beautiful.