Monday, April 18, 2011

To Learn to Hold an Ocean

Written by April L. Gerard

Silence is sometimes better said out loud,
than any words that could be spoken.
So few can hear what it says though.

It often says so much,
sometimes more than we knew existed.

An ocean of depths within,
feelings locked for safe keeping.
No one ever asks how deep does it go.

Easier for most to not ask,
so they don't have to hurt enough to care.

Crimson skies were once painted
in days where childish laughter should have lived-
leaving blues of water that never shed from the eyes.

Pain that shut the doors of trust in others.

Doesn't mean there's no hope for it though.
Seeds of trust can be sown as nature reminds that
even rains grow things; make them stronger.

Such a rarity of courage and strength born,
uniqueness in its own right of perception and kindness.
Still lonely keeps company...
'till we learn how to hold an ocean.


Shadow said...

this... "Crimson skies were once painted in days where childish laughter should have lived-
leaving blues of water that never shed from the eyes." my favourite part. this echoes in me, loved this read!!!

dianne said...

This poem is really beautiful dear April...thank you for visiting my blog.
xoxoxo ♡

Rick said...

some beautiful lines april
love the last two
yeah, silence when even heard is often misinterpreted

LauraX said...

this is gorgeous! so glad I dropped by!

Opaque said...

True lines here!

Craftsman of light said...

Beautiful in here too!
i did come earlier and read some of your posts.

Learning to hold our oceans, our silences, our memories, our hearts, our past and present....all said so well through your delicate words.

i loved your poem very much, Thankyou for bringing me here where your heart opens to the world.
And, Thankyou April,for your visit.
May your wings soar in the light of love and beauty!

Syd said...

Wonderful April. Holding an ocean is difficult at times.