Friday, April 1, 2011

Good News to Share

well, I have been writing quite alot on this here blog of mine- just not published any of it yet.  Mostly that's due to the fact that I've been worn out here lately between taking my daughter to her doctor visits, work, and all the things in between. I have noticed that my drafts that I have not shared on here are not quite the positive and upbeat thoughts that I would normally try to write.  But, they are in a lot of ways very theraputic for me to reflect and think on.  Interesting the things you learn about yourself when you read what you've wrote as though it came from someone else entirely..

Anyways, I want to share some extremely good news with everyone- according to the tests earlier this week, my daughter's tumor almost non-existent now!!! there is only a spot that is aproximately a millimeter wide left.  which means she now gets to go to every 3 weeks of chemo instead of every week!!!  Its been challenging to say the least to get used to our new schedule and to get used to her moods swings - the result of being a pre-teen as well as a patient undergoing therapy :)

But she does really well and for the most part has a very positive attitude about the whole thing, which makes me very proud of her. She even makes the nurses/doctors laugh with her antics sometimes and she's made quite a few new friends at the clinic as well.

So that's it for now.  I promise to you all that I will get back into posting on here just might be a slow transition as I learn to manage and juggle the Life happening around me :)  But for now, I'd like to share a song that I found yesterday that I really like.  It seems to say to me, no matter what happens in life- all is not lost and you are not lost in it...


dianne said...

Good news to hear that your daughter is getting better dear April...I know how difficult it is, so much to do, so little time, it is very draining but I hope you will be OK.
Lovely song from Michael Bublé.

xoxoxo ♡

Syd said...

Great news about your daughter. I am sure that this has been quite a difficult time for all who love her.