Thursday, April 7, 2011

Child's Eye

It has been a while since I've managed to write something I wanted to share.  My youngest child inspired this writing..I hope you all enjoy :)

 Child's Eye  by April Gerard

Wings rushing in the air,
winds bending down to stroke the grass
and soft sounds of nature in my ears.

Solitude. This is my mind's imaginations
for the moment, until...
little feet patter down the stairs.
She has not gone to bed as she should.

I try to be patient with her, as I remind her the time
and still she questions endlessly,
"Why does bedtime have to come?
Why does winter and Summer and spring come?"

and I tell her,"I don't know why really,
cause thats the way God made things-
to teach us to learn and grow with changes I think."

She clasps her little hands together,
eyes sparkling with thought.
Then she says,

"But I wish it would snow in summer. No wait,
I really wish it would snow in Spring-
so we can have flowers at the same time.
Wouldn't that be really cool Mom??!"

She reminds me of what it means to be
open to possibilities with this statement.

Maybe I should remember more often,
just how it might look, to look on the world
with a child's eye.


Brian said...

That is just too cute.

Dishilicious said...

so so cute!

Opaque said...


Syd said...

Yes, if we can keep the child's eye, I believe that things would be a lot better.