Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Wonder

I Wonder by April L. Gerard

The music of my soul
wants to dance to the melodies
of friendship, of love, of laughter.
I wonder if others wish that too?

Kindness goes such a long way,
though I wonder if it reaches.

I wonder if some have never known
a kind hand or warm smile,
it seems we should give that more often.
I'd like to see that- see the side of humans
 we rarely let ourselves be.

Couldn't we just once Be?
Be the us we were made to be?

Not the hate we teach,
or the distrust we learn through
age and moments that ticked
by in our heads too slowly.

But the things that make us all
who we are and what we dream.
The things too often slipped by,
unnoticed in the timidness
so many feel when encouragement
is lacked.

What if we truly found our voices,
our lights within ourselves?
imagine the wonders and possibilities
that would become.

Yes, I wonder..
What would bloom from others,
if kindness found their doorsteps?
So much music would be heard,
so many endless possibilities.


Dishilicious said...

yes, i'm sure there are many who wonder this too, i know i do. :) beautifully penned. !!!

Shadow said...

lovely... i wonder too. and its hard to return with a frown, if kindness knocks on your door.

Carl said...

A delightful read : )