Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautiful Here

by April L. Gerard
It's Beautiful here in this home
where my soul lives.

Moments of clarity
and moments of sheer wonder
written in the voice of my home's heart.
Amazing to look out onto the scenery
through my soul's window
and see.

To really See.

How very much the same we each are....
and yet, so very different.

All the things we carry
and paint our lives with,
can be seen here.
Felt here. Heard here.

We run our fingers through
the pains felt, the agony sometimes
endured...and yet,
still there's a reason we find
to smile again and breathe.

Yes, it is beautiful,
where all these souls live-
Unique, brilliant, and colored with lights
of enchanting melodies.

Songs of hope begin to find a voice
outside this window pane.
Even in the coldest of rains,
dances of joys still find feet to move.

This is where our souls reside,
here in the rhythm of thoughts and sounds.
Dreams still sought after,
Astonished people meeting all around-
and seeing for the first time there are no colors.

All the things we thought we knew
and all that we never really knew-
is learned here. Loved here.
Believed here.

A soul's song happens here,
right here where we are now.
And its so beautiful to hear the notes played,
to feel it resonate.

Melodies of life- we each live and breathe.


dianne said...

That is so beautiful dear April!

xoxoxo ♡

~Ellie Kings~ said...

This one is lovely! I can imagine it all.

Dishilicious said...

so beautiful. i love it!

Disca Daniel said...