Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Acumen of Another Kind

 Acumen of Another Kind by April Gerard

If I admitted to myself
how tired I am somedays,
I'd have to go and believe it..and I don't want to.
Besides, I gots too much to do in this here world.

yeah, thet's right.

Not a day goes by that I push tired to the side
and get my mind on what needs done.

Most just figure they got to get through one more day.
Me though, I figure there's alot more to be doing with
each day rather than just tryin, to "just get through it"
Got no use for tired anyways.

Ya ever see someone just clean pass through a day,
like it wudn't nutten but an old doorway 'bout to fall down?
Thats how them crazy fools act nowadays.
They need to open up them blind eyes of them.
Yes'm, that what they need to do- but 'spect they won't none.

naw, they won't open 'em up to see.

They's frittering away something ya can't get back.
It ain't like water, can't reuse it. Once its gone..its gone.
The day is made for using, so that's what I intend to do.
Whats the point of letting tired spend all my time,
when there are small steps towards these goals
I gotta be takin?

Damn fools never see it, always tryin to control
the way things are so's no one 'ill ever get further
than they did.  If they spend half as much time
chasing their own dreams instead 'o beaten those
of others down..they'd have something for a change.

Something worth having.

But, They let fear grip 'em and mess 'em up all in their heads,
thinkin on how dreamers are supposed damn fools and
how they think it best to just stop 'em in their tracks.
Yeah, that what they do, go messin' up the world with their nonense.

Crazy ass fools.

Ain't a Man, Woman, 'er Child who don't need a dream.
And they need one worth keepin for sure, noboby got the right to take thet.
This world of fools though, thinkin they gots the answer.
Break 'em down, show 'em how dreaming didn't never get nothin'.
They leave alot tearstreaked pain in the hearts o' others..
yeah they shore do.

Damn shame too.

Reckon if they used their time a little more
to be a lovin' the world 'stead o' telling it what to do,
they might find Time would become their friend.


Shadow said...

right on, april!

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Thanks for sharing this, Shadow,More days to go for April LOL
Keep writing
Best regards
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