Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reminiscent Rains

Reminiscent Rains by April L. Gerard

Reminiscent rains gather
at the feel of many dawns quietly slipping by.
Seepage of emotions in the periphery of the past gone.
Time… you could never hold in your hands.

There is no use for regrets.
Still, sometimes the heart needs to know

Or maybe it just stubbornly refuses to see,
Why the soul still wishes, still wants, and still bleeds.

Funny the things you learn in life and carry with you-
Parables of the things you never knew, but dreamed.
Touched at first and made to be real- either in your mind’s eye
Or in the realness of yesterdays and tomorrows.

Still, sometimes the heart doesn’t want to know
Or maybe it just refuses to acknowledges that it feels,
And where the heart harbors its secrets,
is where it seeks refuge in only memories.


dianne said...

Beautiful words dear April, I think we all seek refuge in our memories.

xoxoxo ♡

Alexandre FABBRI said...

Ms. Dianne. Pray, what are you doing here?

Rick said...

and fortunately we can pick our memories
lovely April