Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Stop a Human Heart

To Stop a Human Heart by April L. Gerard

Curious emotions,
don't always do what they're told.
We seem to feel these things,
these things that come with living-
that we are asked not to feel.

I never said that I wouldn't feel them,
stuffed here in my chest-
aches of hurts, angers, loves, joys, and pains.

Yes, I never said I wouldn't ever feel a thing,
I said I didn't want to act on them.
Never do I want to be rash or selfish,
simply because of how I feel.


Silently inside these emotions tremble.
Tears sometimes fall as I never tell another soul,
what aches, what bleeds in here.
Maybe that makes me the fool.

Trees, stand tall and stoic,
they understand how to stay in one place.
Even if their hearts get scared,
even if they feel the beat grow too loudly in their chest,
still they stay and stand.

We could learn from the trees.

How they weather the storms,
how they feel the rains,
and the hot sun when it shines a bit too much.

We could learn to tame our steps.

To know how to stand with one another,
how to face the onset of time moving through its days.
We could, if we just stopped trying to stop ourselves.

But I wonder...I wonder are our hearts simply too wild?
And if so, does that mean we should run with it?
Cradle it in our hands;
Shelter it from feeling anything.
As if... if a heart was meant not to feel anyway.

We are so very foolish to think so some days aren't we?


Carl said...

I felt here the emotions conveyed by the heart are that of the 'other woman' heheh nice one : )

dianne said...

Beautiful, heartfelt poem April dear. xoxoxo ♡

findingmywingsinlife said...

That's an interesting perspective. I hadn't wrote it with that idea in mind,although after reading it again I can certainly see where you might think that.
Hmm, I'll have to pay more attention to my wording so that I convey what I'm aiming for much better. I was going for more the feeling of always saying "no" at the times when maybe saying "yes" would've been the right thing to do.

Thank you my dear friend!

Wine and Words said...

Stuffed in our chest...that's where the nerves are most raw and vulnerable. We feel more deeply all we hold within us, the tears and anguish not shown or shared. But I find that when we crack open that chest to someone trusted, the ache dissipates just enough to endure. We wear our hurts like skin, they're never truly gone, but soon perhaps, a fresh layer.

Wishing it so, for you.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

I can certainly relate. My emotions are a roller-coaster ride right now. Beautiful!