Sunday, January 16, 2011

IF is not a word to Speak

If is not a word to Speak   by April Gerard

If the bottle becomes opened,
who would share it?
If the scars were all visible,
who would really care?
If the smile was gone,
Who would really notice?

If, often means discouragement,
so stop saying it.
If, often makes us re-think our dreams,
so stop letting it.
If, is far too often said when we are in doubt,
so stop being it.

What IF?
What if we could,
What if we did?
What if we finally started to see
ourselves and our potential?

That's a better IF.

IF you want to think better,
you must do it, not wish it.

IF you want to be,
then be what you want and do not wait
for someone to tell you that you can.


Cucipata said...

Not everybody has the insight to understand their own potential. Sometimes it is lack of imagination within ourselves that holds us back...

Shadow said...

you said it!!!

dianne said...

I like this one dear April.

xoxoxo ♡

Rick said...

yes, April
if only we could believe if possible
make if happen
well said

ShimmerGirl said...

Inspired by your words:)