Friday, December 3, 2010

Penny for My Thoughts

Me, sizing up the "Snow Mountain" last year in Goshen/Elkhart, In.
picture taken and owned by Triana Evans.

Penny for My Thoughts by April Gerard

There's something about following
what you always felt you should do with yourself,
that brings out a confidence thats hard for others to shake off. 

If I had a penny for all the times I said to myself,
"I'm gonna do these things; these things I've set out to do",
I'd have already made myself a millionaire.

It takes a certain courage to do what others deem crazy, irrational, 
or what some even call irresponsible.  Don't give up.

Don't you give up! You keep your faith solid
and your mind on the road ahead of you.

just 'cause you got to keep telling yourself
day in and day out where your going-
don't you dare try to take the easy way, you hear me?

Don't let others make your destiny for you. 
Dream Catching is not an easy road,
but it's the One road more people should travel.