Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hope's Story

I really wasn't sure whether or not to post this.  But, I'm feeling like we could use all the support we can get. This past week has proven to be one of the most challenging weeks I've ever had- as a parent.

Eleven years ago, my firstborn was born at 31 weeks. I had been on bedrest for nearly 3 months. She was a tiny four pounds, eleven ounces.  She was the most beautiful little girl I'd ever seen.  I named her Hope- because it took so much faith and listening to doctors at the time to even get her safely into this world.

 I've just recently learned from the doctors that she will have the biggest battle she's ever had to face coming up.  They've diagnosed her with cancer.  When the biopsy results come back, they're pretty sure it will confirm it is Ewing's Sarcoma- an aggressive bone cancer.  Chemo therapy will start this week. 

My daughter, Hope, on the left. One of her best friends, Bri (Triana's daughter), on the right.
They love to play dress up and pose.
 All I'm asking is that everyone who reads this to pray or keep positive thoughts in your minds about her health and well being. She is a strong little girl and I know she can overcome this.


dianne said...

April dear, I am so sorry to read this sad news, of course we shall pray for Hope and you and I trust that she will be well again.
It is a terrible thing that some children and people have to bear so much and suffer.

xoxoxoxo ♡

Natalie said...

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

Marion said...

April, I'm so sorry to hear this about your beautiful little girl. I will pound on the doors of heaven in her behalf. Sending you hugs, love & fervent prayers.

Love & Blessings,


PS: I have a daughter named April. :-)

Shadow said...

prayers, hunny. you'll both emerge triumphant, i'm sure!

Elaine Haley said...

I don't have heaven's ear but if you need help here on earth I'm hear with willing hands. Don't hesitate to ask and if I can give it I will.

Cucipata said...

It is always in the face of adversity that we find out true strength. I don't have any doubts that your family will have the courage to overcome.

Dishilicious said...

my prayers are with you!

Rick said...

Geez April
I'm so sorry
when will it end, this storm that tracks your every progress.
surely someone who has known so many adversities has a pile of blessings coming.
I pray they come thru Hope