Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Ease My Soul

My hand holding a teacup rose. Photo owned byTriana Evans

To Ease My Soul by April Gerard

A Black Piano,
those lovely keys.
they somehow bring
a solace to me.

A microphone and
a lone room to give
my soul's music room to flow.

Like water.
it pours out from me.
a spring from within,
I let myself be free.

It takes the rythym of my heart,
my emotions that run deep.

Every secret thing I wish,
every hurt I choose to  forget
is told here, in these tunes of mine.
I know not the answer.
not the answer to anything,
but I play.

Play because I want to,
because I need to.

I sing to ease my soul
of its pains, to remind it of its joys,
that I will not always feel this way.

This, this is what
I need today.

but I have no piano,
no room with a stage
or microphone to use.

So instead, I choose to play
the melodies right here,
Right my head.

To ease my soul; to feed it bread.


Opaque said...

Human mind is gifted with the ability to dream and imagine. If you do not have something, you can receive solace from dreaming and imagining about it. As far as I know, you are still singing and you are heading that way. It is necessary you have a crowd to acknowledge that. Sing out loud, and you can do that where ever you want. Ease yourself out by expressing yourself. You are doing that by writing.

Shadow said...

you are a kindred spirit for sure!!! exactly the reason why i love playing music, you love singing... keep playing those melodies!!!

Syd said...

I ease my soul in several ways--sailing, writing, meditating, praying,helping others, reading--are the main ones that come to mind. Any thing that gets me out of myself helps. Strangely enough, music turns me inward.