Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silhouettes of Shaded Dreams

I'm a bit late, by a day, in starting the next poetry series of mine.  I'm daring myself to write a little more openly and hopefully more passionately.  Maybe I'll succeed, maybe not- the one thing I want to note is that originally my intentions with this blog was to explore my own thoughts and ideas and to always give something positive back to the world.  I can't promise that these next poems won't be emotional or have tinges of hurt, pain, or even anger. They are based on my own feelings and those I've heard expressed from others about situations or circumstances that they've dealt with. It is my hope that these next series, while they may explore our darker thoughts and fears we sometimes have, that they will at least have a hue of something that everyone can relate to at one time or another in their lives.  I sometimes think we shut our emotional self away from others because it is hard to believe that someone else might understand it or even know how these things truly feel to us on the inside.  Emotions are quite frankly one of the most intimate parts of ourselves and it is often very hard to share them without an element of trust in place.

Please enjoy and have a wonderful week!  I'll try to return in the next few days or so with more poetry and thoughts to share :)

Photo taken and owned by me, April Gerard.

Silhouettes of Shaded Dreams by April Gerard

Marks of scars,
still unseen.
Water does not wash these,
Nor do the tears bring ease.

Yet light still shines in.
Giving up does not resound here.
Stars are best seen just before dawn,
in the darkest of Night's hour.

The unseen heart,
gripped in concealment,
pain, ignored in silent screams.
Echos of past gone by.

Yet dreams still exist,
dreams still come alive,
wonder is still evident in the world.
Dreams become colored with passion.

Hope does not wane,
Love does not leave,
even when the road of scars
beats down on the soul so heavily.

Born are visions of what could be
instead of what has been,
Challenges have shaped these,
these are the silhouettes of Shaded Dreams.


Shadow said...

that is so right. the flame of hope never dies, nor do the dreams, and scars and all, we keep on searching...

Carl said...

"Hope does not wane,
Love does not leave,
even when the road of scars
beats down on the soul so heavily"

Love those words :) very innocent and true..