Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Music of Wayne Starks

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I want to take a post here to divert a little from the poetry series I've started (which I will resume in a few days) and give you all a rundown of my good friend, Wayne Starks, newly released music.  His new single releases entitled "Believe" and "Ruler" are available now on Itunes, with his debut album scheduled to be released in 2011.

I know I've stated on here on many occasions that I love all kinds of music.  Doesn't matter what genre- I will usually listen to it all, as long as it is emotive, intrumentally well put together, or has extremely well written lyrics.  Sometimes simple is best, sometimes the complexities speak volumes about our views and feelings about the world in which we live.  Music, all forms of it, is what I consider to be the worlds greatest accomplishment. It is essentially the common ground that we all have.  It builds bridges along paths that have long been broken down by religious views, cultural barriers, political agendas, etc. etc. Music is our universal language used to convey our emotions, thoughts, and ideas around the world.

That said, Wayne's voice and the way he uses it, makes me believe that he is going to be a powerhouse phenomenon and will reach many ears with an astounding presence.  I have first hand seen his performances, the way he connects to his audiences and conveys his emotions so purely it catches your attention.  It makes you say, "Woah, this Guy's got some talent."  And believe it or not, he's as genuine in personality as he comes across in his music.  He doesn't just sing and hit the notes, he makes you feel what he's feeling in the moment- which as a performer, is an important aspect to developing a fan base.  They have to love not only your voice, but you, the artist, as well when you sing in this area of music.

"Believe" is the most powerful and positve message anthem for perserverance I've heard in a long time. The first lines "Why do you listen to all the negativity around you. With all the positive feedback, why is that what you choose? Why?"  Caught my attention completely!  How many of us have related to circumstances that led us to ask that very question, either of ourselves or of others?  And the instumentation is skillfully put together to make the listener feel "very good" as they listen to this song.  All of it- the choice of instruments used, the vocals, the rythm and the use of spoken dramatics in the background makes this song appealing to both the old and young alike.  This song is the universal voice of hope to a world who sometimes forgets what hope feels like that says, "Keep going and Believe."

Taking a look at Wayne's other single release, "Ruler", one can see that it very adeptly caters to his voices strengths and give the listener a very good glimpse of what they can expect to come from his vocal range in the future. It has a healing quality (as Ajey, from the Goods are Odd but the Odds are Good has also pointed out) to it.  There is a soothing and graceful appeal to it.  Even if the lyrics message doesn't appeal to you, you can't help but feel how really extrodinarily beautiful Wayne's voice is and how flexible it can be in the varying ranges he is able to maintain.  These ranges are a pleasant surprise to any listener. I know I was completely surprised  when I first heard him sing in person at our church, Summit Church

So give him a listen, see for yourself, and share it with those you know who might also appreciate it.  But, believe me, Wayne's talent as a muscian has staying power because he's genuine and honest with his voice.  A rarity these days with so many new artists out there who have voice range but no depth for emotional pull or stage presence.

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Rick said...

i liked the band you took me to, and now i can't remember their name.
barely remember my own

findingmywingsinlife said...

Hey Rick :)

long time no talk...judging from your recent posts on your blogs, I'm a little worried about you and your health- and you've disabled comments, again... so I can't tell you what I think darnnit. How are you holding up?

and slight correction here, Triana and I both took you to see the band, their name is "Sirface" and the album you're looking for of theirs is called "A New Life" you can order it on CD Baby.com

Otherwise, please do give Wayne a listen...and I hope your travels find you well.

April :)