Saturday, November 20, 2010


Photo art taken, edited, and owned by Me, April L. Gerard.

Metamorphasis by April L. Gerard

Growing inside,
you're learning- same as me.
Taking more than you thought,
but changing in that same breath of time.

You thought to stop..and pause,
to see the steps you've taken
and the harm that comes.
Not all of that harm came from you,
did you know?

Wrapped in a cocoon of hurt,
not sure where to go from here,
still you keep yourself protected-
even if it tears you apart inside.

But my friend, I see what's coming,
what will soon shine from you
and those wings of yours will be
the most gorgeous I've ever seen.


Noelle said...

Your writing just keeps getting better and better! Keep at it.

Shadow said...

what a brilliant view you have.

Cucipata said...

Great poem!