Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Music of Wayne Starks

Photo is of Wayne Starks and is his property.  All rights are reserved.

I want to take a post here to divert a little from the poetry series I've started (which I will resume in a few days) and give you all a rundown of my good friend, Wayne Starks, newly released music.  His new single releases entitled "Believe" and "Ruler" are available now on Itunes, with his debut album scheduled to be released in 2011.

I know I've stated on here on many occasions that I love all kinds of music.  Doesn't matter what genre- I will usually listen to it all, as long as it is emotive, intrumentally well put together, or has extremely well written lyrics.  Sometimes simple is best, sometimes the complexities speak volumes about our views and feelings about the world in which we live.  Music, all forms of it, is what I consider to be the worlds greatest accomplishment. It is essentially the common ground that we all have.  It builds bridges along paths that have long been broken down by religious views, cultural barriers, political agendas, etc. etc. Music is our universal language used to convey our emotions, thoughts, and ideas around the world.

That said, Wayne's voice and the way he uses it, makes me believe that he is going to be a powerhouse phenomenon and will reach many ears with an astounding presence.  I have first hand seen his performances, the way he connects to his audiences and conveys his emotions so purely it catches your attention.  It makes you say, "Woah, this Guy's got some talent."  And believe it or not, he's as genuine in personality as he comes across in his music.  He doesn't just sing and hit the notes, he makes you feel what he's feeling in the moment- which as a performer, is an important aspect to developing a fan base.  They have to love not only your voice, but you, the artist, as well when you sing in this area of music.

"Believe" is the most powerful and positve message anthem for perserverance I've heard in a long time. The first lines "Why do you listen to all the negativity around you. With all the positive feedback, why is that what you choose? Why?"  Caught my attention completely!  How many of us have related to circumstances that led us to ask that very question, either of ourselves or of others?  And the instumentation is skillfully put together to make the listener feel "very good" as they listen to this song.  All of it- the choice of instruments used, the vocals, the rythm and the use of spoken dramatics in the background makes this song appealing to both the old and young alike.  This song is the universal voice of hope to a world who sometimes forgets what hope feels like that says, "Keep going and Believe."

Taking a look at Wayne's other single release, "Ruler", one can see that it very adeptly caters to his voices strengths and give the listener a very good glimpse of what they can expect to come from his vocal range in the future. It has a healing quality (as Ajey, from the Goods are Odd but the Odds are Good has also pointed out) to it.  There is a soothing and graceful appeal to it.  Even if the lyrics message doesn't appeal to you, you can't help but feel how really extrodinarily beautiful Wayne's voice is and how flexible it can be in the varying ranges he is able to maintain.  These ranges are a pleasant surprise to any listener. I know I was completely surprised  when I first heard him sing in person at our church, Summit Church

So give him a listen, see for yourself, and share it with those you know who might also appreciate it.  But, believe me, Wayne's talent as a muscian has staying power because he's genuine and honest with his voice.  A rarity these days with so many new artists out there who have voice range but no depth for emotional pull or stage presence.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Photo art taken, edited, and owned by Me, April L. Gerard.

Metamorphasis by April L. Gerard

Growing inside,
you're learning- same as me.
Taking more than you thought,
but changing in that same breath of time.

You thought to stop..and pause,
to see the steps you've taken
and the harm that comes.
Not all of that harm came from you,
did you know?

Wrapped in a cocoon of hurt,
not sure where to go from here,
still you keep yourself protected-
even if it tears you apart inside.

But my friend, I see what's coming,
what will soon shine from you
and those wings of yours will be
the most gorgeous I've ever seen.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silhouettes of Shaded Dreams

I'm a bit late, by a day, in starting the next poetry series of mine.  I'm daring myself to write a little more openly and hopefully more passionately.  Maybe I'll succeed, maybe not- the one thing I want to note is that originally my intentions with this blog was to explore my own thoughts and ideas and to always give something positive back to the world.  I can't promise that these next poems won't be emotional or have tinges of hurt, pain, or even anger. They are based on my own feelings and those I've heard expressed from others about situations or circumstances that they've dealt with. It is my hope that these next series, while they may explore our darker thoughts and fears we sometimes have, that they will at least have a hue of something that everyone can relate to at one time or another in their lives.  I sometimes think we shut our emotional self away from others because it is hard to believe that someone else might understand it or even know how these things truly feel to us on the inside.  Emotions are quite frankly one of the most intimate parts of ourselves and it is often very hard to share them without an element of trust in place.

Please enjoy and have a wonderful week!  I'll try to return in the next few days or so with more poetry and thoughts to share :)

Photo taken and owned by me, April Gerard.

Silhouettes of Shaded Dreams by April Gerard

Marks of scars,
still unseen.
Water does not wash these,
Nor do the tears bring ease.

Yet light still shines in.
Giving up does not resound here.
Stars are best seen just before dawn,
in the darkest of Night's hour.

The unseen heart,
gripped in concealment,
pain, ignored in silent screams.
Echos of past gone by.

Yet dreams still exist,
dreams still come alive,
wonder is still evident in the world.
Dreams become colored with passion.

Hope does not wane,
Love does not leave,
even when the road of scars
beats down on the soul so heavily.

Born are visions of what could be
instead of what has been,
Challenges have shaped these,
these are the silhouettes of Shaded Dreams.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The next series of poems

I have had a very busy, but productive weekend.  I know that this year, I haven't posted nearly as much of my poetry, thoughts, or short stories has I had the previous year, but I do intend to write more often again soon.

Please be patient with me, there are many poems that I want to share with you all as I find the time to post them.  But for now, I need some rest and some time to think to myself tonight.  I hope all is well with everyone and I hope to post my next series of poems starting on this coming Tuesday evening, as long as everything goes well between now and then ;)

Take care everyone and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where My Thoughts Take Me

I just finished watching the movie "The Ultimate Gift"  on my laptop.  I don't have a tv, so I make do with the laptop when I decide to sit down and actually watch a movie (which isn't very often).  I needed a diversion from thinking on the events that have been happening in my life. 

So much has happened in the last month or so.

 The list of trials and personal tears shed are numerous. I even have an unpublished draft post on here that spells out a long night of prayer and tears that I had for myself a few weeks back.. but, these things are teaching me some things that I hadn't understood quite as well as I thought I had.  It is quite amazing to me right now, but even though alot of this stuff I've been experiencing has been really difficult- it has also been worth the experience.  Not sure how to explain that exactly, but its been like opening the jar of fireflies and taking a closer look at what makes us (or myself as an example) light up, what makes the world shine? We are the what makes up the world, are we not? 

In my way of thinking, the jar is representative of us on an individual scale, and the fireflies representative of all the "lights" that could possibly be inside one person.  All the dreams, all the things we could accomplish... it all seems so real to me all of a sudden.  I've always believed in my own dreams and my ability to make them a reality- but somehow, right this very moment, I'm feeling a strong sense of conviction.  I'm not trying to make them happen anymore, they're already there and I'm just walking the steps neccessary to get to them.

I'm used to "going thru" things, so the idea of letting them stop me from going to where I intend to go with these dreams of mine, seems really absurd.  I'm re-discovering a concept I learned early on as a child- that whatever we go through might be difficult, but the challenge of learning to walk through those trials makes us more than just stronger on the inside- it also shapes our confidence, our abilities and skills needed to obtain our goals, and perhaps more importantly it shapes our hearts.  It makes us better humans, better people.

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen is a person with a heart that wants to be more than they can imagine, and they believe their heart when it says the impossible is always possible. I am sitting here right now thinking how blessed I am to know several wonderful human beings who are this way.  I am also chuckling to myself as I write this knowing that each one of them would shake their head at me and say I need to re-examine what I think I know about them.  They can disagree all they want, I know what it is I see in each of them.  Someday, the world will see it too.

I guess what I'm saying is this:

We are meant to dream and we are all meant to share with the world what beautiful dreams we have inside of us.  This, this is where my thoughts take me...

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Ease My Soul

My hand holding a teacup rose. Photo owned byTriana Evans

To Ease My Soul by April Gerard

A Black Piano,
those lovely keys.
they somehow bring
a solace to me.

A microphone and
a lone room to give
my soul's music room to flow.

Like water.
it pours out from me.
a spring from within,
I let myself be free.

It takes the rythym of my heart,
my emotions that run deep.

Every secret thing I wish,
every hurt I choose to  forget
is told here, in these tunes of mine.
I know not the answer.
not the answer to anything,
but I play.

Play because I want to,
because I need to.

I sing to ease my soul
of its pains, to remind it of its joys,
that I will not always feel this way.

This, this is what
I need today.

but I have no piano,
no room with a stage
or microphone to use.

So instead, I choose to play
the melodies right here,
Right here..in my head.

To ease my soul; to feed it bread.