Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tangled Shades

Tangled Shades  by April Gerard

Lines of invisibilities drawn,
what is Right? What is Wrong?

I've heard it said,"Its plain as day, either Black or White"
and I think to myself,
no. No its not.

The world was not based on either or's.
The world is vastly much more.
Sometimes it's both,
sometimes it's neither.

Sometimes grass is not quite green,
and the sky is often more than blue.
Primary colors,as we are taught,
are the base- but not the end result.

Reds, yellows, and blues
become tangled mosaics.
Beautiful and unique,
Shades of grey exist
All photos on this post are
the property and work of my
good friend, Joel Steiner,
Family Services Director
of St. Joeseph County
Habitat for Humanity.
even in nature.

A light may reach and touch,
but in tones, in measures different
than others.

We are not simply lines drawn
with no depth.

We are colored with
shades of Beauty,
shades of Life,
Shades of Love.


Opaque said...

Call it pure coincidence, but I have put up a similar post at my spot.

Black and white comes only and only amidst right and wrong that is distinguishable. Reaching there will require to go through a spectrum of colors. Those colors provide shades, add perspectives and definitions to the issue that is being handled.

But, its base is still black and white.

Colors add spice, a zest to life. Colors can make the decision-making process easy and sometimes hard.

Rick said...

and it is those shades and mosaics that make up love and live in a billion combinations.
so wonderfully told.