Monday, October 18, 2010

A Soul's Light

picture taken and owned by my mother, Sheila Nulf.
A Soul's Light by April Gerard

Uniqueness definitive
of brilliant subtleties.
An uncommoness found
in everyday commons.
Newness yet generations aged.
Wisdom within,
Wonder without.
Ache of possibilities;
half cocked smile
as thoughts of what shines
comes in.
People are beautiful,
our Souls are beautiful.
There is so much to us,
so much.
It could illuminate
the world...


Opaque said...

Very true!

dianne said...

Beautiful dear April! xoxo ♡

Shadow said...

the things we see but do not take in, the words we hear but do not listen to, the smells we smell but do not recognize, the touch we feel but do not respond to, the things we eat but do not taste...