Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A simple design, but new look..

First off, Thank you Ajey for helping to redo the header that I have on truly looks amazing!

I hope that all is well with all of my fellow bloggers/readers across the globe. For myself, I have recently been having some health challenges- but not anything that I can't overcome. I am taking the advice of my doctor and trying to work in more rest and less stress. Overall though, other than being a bit tired every now and then, I'm doing good and will continue to get better everyday. I gotta tell you though, I really don't know how to function well when I force myself to do less instead of more...hmm. Still working on that.

In other news:
As many of you can see, I've managed to learn how to change the look of my blog!  Though the background is for the most part a very simple design, it is a clean and fresh look.  And best of all, I managed to figure out how to do it all by myself (with a little help here and there lol)- including how to backup my blog so that should I need to restore it to what I had before-I could. Also the back up means that I now have a hard copy of all these posts- both the ones published and the ones still in draft form safely copied for future use.   Yeaaaay!

I can figure out this technology ;)  There are still a few fixes I need to do- especially about the previous videos I've posted... but I'm getting there. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I know mine is bringing with it some challenges, but I think for the most part I'm ok with that.  It seems I'm learning how to dance- even in the rain, as our dear friend Diane is often apt to say!

and I'm in the mood for a little Sister Hazel here is one of my favorite songs by them its called "Change your Mind", it helps to remind me that all i need to do is to change my attitude when I'm having a frustrating day...:


Marion said...

I love your new look. It's very neat and simple. Thanks for sharing the Sister Hazel song. Just awesome. I hope you're feeling better soon. Blessings!!

Noelle said...

love the new header!

Shadow said...

looks beautiful!!!

quite amazing how much energy it takes to do less, i know how you feel. you and i, we'll try together, how's that!

here's to a stress-free, restful time!

dianne said...

Love your new look dear April, I really like the background colour and your re-designed header.
Sorry you have not been well, you know you must take care of yourself and even though it is difficult try to rest more.
Yes my dear I am still 'dancing in the rain', but I have to tell you, I get awfully wet sometimes waiting for a little happiness and sunshine to come my way. xoxoxo ♡

Opaque said...

Take rest so that you can fly higher!