Thursday, October 28, 2010

Papers Filled

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Papers Filled by April L.Gerard

There are paper notes here,
words written,
never shared,
that say so much more
than I ever really say out loud.

papers filled,
edges blurred.
Ink. Just ink.

I hear melodies in my head
when the words seem more like song,

I hear the sounds of others voices,
when the words are things I want them to hear.

papers filled,
Ink. Just ink...

yet, the substance
the feel of it,
the tones and textures-
is so much more.

These matter to me,
people matter to me.
So much really does matter to me,

There are papers here,
filled with goals and dreams.
Filled with what I see in you
What I see in me.

its not just Ink.
Not. Just. Ink.

Its all.
Its Everything,
all the beautiful things
that are within you.
Within me.

it runs the ink dry,
blurs the edges...

These words
they say so much more
than I know how to say,
about the beauty of
what it means to be
as human as we.


Noelle said...

This is touching. I love your header, by the way!

dianne said...

This is very lovely April, sometimes how we feel is difficult to put into words ... just like the written thoughts on the page the edges get blurred.
xoxo ♡

Rick said...

Your strength and beauty has always been in believing in what matters. Never lose it.
(I like the header, too)

Strawberry Girl said...

This is an exquisite piece April. I believe that what we are trying to accomplish as writers and artists is to get people to see beyond the lines, the words and into our hearts...

Opaque said...

It is all about going beyond the obvious...