Thursday, September 2, 2010

to be Healed

For six individuals who have made an impact on my life-  because as your friend, I could never think less of you for anything you've ever done or ever would do.

I have been thinking alot about different people I know personally from all across the globe. This post may get lengthy and may ramble on, but I want to share these thoughts I'm having so here goes..

I have had several of my close friends share with me some intimate details of their lives. things that make a person wiser,and makes me appreciate people for who they are, not who I could envision them to be.

I have a few friends who have been hurt so deeply, that they wishe to not take part in the world anymore, still live yes, but interact with  the assumptions that are often made by the rest of us about what they do or don't know about life are what leave them wandering the earth, more content alone than with others.  Its sad, so sad that we say things thinking that our own thinking must surely be right.  Since when did we as humans become more than humans? 

You know, a 21 year old Man once said this when I asked what they knew of Life and Love, "It is such a thing that is frail, yet caught in the grasp of a collection of burs---wild and stoic like dreams often are. It is such a thing that demands blood, yet beckons rejuvenation in the same breath. I suppose love and life are counter opposites for some people. Ah! Breathe in the air and never be afraid of the future; we die so quickly April.

We die terribly fast."

It doesn't matter a persons age, young or old; it doesnt matter what their addictions are or aren't; doesn't matter what we think we know about someone else just by observing their habits. Understanding is something very few really "understand".

I have another friend of mine who once led people to understand and love their faith. He no longer leads or follows that passion of his because of his experiences with the world. I wish somehow I could give that love of following his faith back to him.

 Another friend struggles with committments, another struggles with breathing and still giving, another struggles with peoples assumptions and perceptions...all of them love the world despite the world failing to love them. They are the most beautiful people I know.  Broken individuals yes. But beautiful, beautiful souls.

If I had one thing to say to these beautiful people I know and others who have walked in similiar shoes..its this:

 Sometimes you have to forgive that the world doesn't understand, that they don't know the hurt that their own words would cause.  We all make mistakes, but that is because we are all human. Drugs of choice may be our addictions....but never forget addictions are never stronger than we are for our faith is innate, a gift given to us by a higher power. 

Forgive yourself.
Love yourself
and live.

Here are two videos that speak of what's on my mind and what I hear from these precious friends of mine. The album, The Sound of Madness, by Shinedown has put together these concepts, these maddening things we do to one is my hope that we as collective individuals learn to love without neccessarily understanding or changing someone else to suit our own views...just love them for who they are because you really don't know how much they care about you..the world.


Opaque said...

I agree with the advice here. And, I have always believed that the world will never always understand.

Triana said...

This brought tears to my eyes, especially, "Sometimes you have to forgive that the world doesn't understand, that they don't know the hurt that their own words would cause."

Missing our talks, dear friend.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yes, that might be true, but the world is still worth loving anyway.

Girl, you know I'm always only a phone call away.. but I'm glad that this has helped you in some small way. I'm missing our talks as well, so much to talk about already, lots of tears have been shed lately and you know that just isn't me... keep your chin up I'm always here for you :)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Such wise words. still, yes, I know what it's like to be hurt very deeply, to be betrayed by those I loved and who I trusted, and to be rejected by others because..I don't know. I'm burned. I'm deaf. I'm female. I'm HUMAN. It's always something. It's so hard, especially here where I have lived for 5 years and no longer having a single friend where I live. The "friends" I did have only took advantage and hurt me and my girl. But this was very inspiring to read. Thank you for posting. :)

Syd said...

We do die too fast. I think that our humanness is not terrible but what keeps things interesting. If I just work on myself and do my best to be a better person, maybe that is all each of us can do.