Thursday, September 9, 2010

Memories and Whispers

The above picture is of my Stepdad and my oldest Daughter, Hope, when she was 3 months old I think. It was taken several years before he passed away.

Memories and Whispers by April Gerard

I remember you.
Challenging me...
changing me.

Showing me a good man.
with faults, but still a good man.
Showing me humanness and kindness.

Showing that mistakes do not always
say a person is a failure, that men
can be and often are just as human as me.

I listen to a song called Almost Home,
that describes you to me.
and I smile.

No feat was too big
to tackle,
 No word could undo
what you set out to do;
set out to be.

Nothing was empty
in the dreams you just try..

nevermind the No's
the incomprehension from others,
or the roads you've traveled in life before today.

Don't worry so much what others think April.

They're your dreams,
it's your Life...
Live it.  Live it! you'd say.

Yes, I remember you in memories
and in whispers that will never go away.


Opaque said...

Wise words that you hear in whispers but you live in higher volumes...

Spellbound said...

I am so glad you have this memory to balance so many of the less fortunate ones.

Triana said...

Wow, where did you dig up this pic of Phil? Brings back memories for sure. The poem rocks too :)

Syd said...

Wonderful tribute April.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Wise words indeed.

He didn't become a part of our lives until I was a teenager, but I learned so much from him. And, yes you are right- his memory does give some balance...good to see you and hope you and the family are doing well, bet that grandson of yours is growing like you wouldn't believe ;)

It does bring up memories for sure... found it in one of the boxes I unpacked. I can still hear the kids on the bus that first day at Central Noble..."Hey, is that your Grandpa?"

Thank you, he was a very big influence on me at that time in my life. You might be interested to know that he was 18+ years sober when he first met my mother, and he never touched a drop ever again.

Noelle said...

that brought tears to my eyes..