Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finding Grace

Pictures owned and taken by Shadow (I couldn't chose between the two and you take wonderful photographs my dear friend!)

Finding Grace by April L. Gerard

Tears fell from my cheeks,
my eyelids did not wish to open as I weeped.
I never understood such pain of my heart,
so I ignored it in silence.
Silence of years.
Giving to fill up the emptiness.
Needing what could not be seen.
 I've come to see,
though it is a road I do not know,
I see now that
Grace somehow is finding me.
I don't know what to do with what I've found,
perhaps it will go, perhaps stay.
For now, the beautiful pain
of growing into a new dawn,
spreading out those precious wings,
that my friends,
That is worth every breath one takes. 

I do not know much about the guy this quote is from, but the quote itself is very powerful to me today. it is:

"Grace means more than gifts. In grace something is transcended, once and for all overcome. Grace happens in spite of something; it happens in spite of separateness and alienation. Grace means that life is once again united with life, self is reconciled with self. Grace means accepting the abandoned one. Grace transforms fate into a meaningful vocation. It transforms guilt to trust and courage. The word grace has something triumphant in it."- Yrjo Kallinen


Opaque said...

If you wholeheartedly believe it is true, treasure it, else leave it. These challenges in life aren't meant to paralyze us but to aid us in our self-discovery. It is not where we stand that matters, but which direction we are heading that matters.

Strawberry Girl said...

I just recently heard about Trianna's accident and I'm so glad to hear that she's on the mend. Sorry for my recent distance, it sometimes comes over me to shut almost everybody out of my life until I feel more at peace with who I am and how I feel about the direction that it's headed. Plus I've been super busy trying to learn how to do complicated accounting tricks... Hope you are doing well, and lots of love to Triana (sorry I'm not sure how your beautiful name is spelt).


Shadow said...

i think we've all, at some point, been in that 'ignored silence', for it's easier to deny than to face. but we all, eventually, have to face it. and for you, sweet girl, all i can say is spread those wings and fly. now's your time!

thank you for using my pics for this stunning piece!

Syd said...

I am a believer in grace. It is an awesome thing. Thanks April for the poem and the quote.