Friday, September 17, 2010

Clips of Conversations and Inspiration

Different conversations teach you things, make you wiser, or make you want to improve your own self.  As a way of saying thank you to a few individuals, I've posted below clips of conversations I"ve had with others.  For me, as I think back on what either i have learned or what others have learned from me as a result of these conversations, this is what is inspiring. When we say the things we need to hear, encouraging and lifting one another up instead of bashing them down with our words- then we are truly being the friend, the lover, and the giver that the world needs.  I hope that these little clips inspire you each as well.

In Understanding the roads You've traveled:

"Isn't the What and the Why the same thing?"  I just shook my head and said, "No. One is effect and one is causal. You have to know and understand the cause before you really understand the effect. Likewise, the what and the why could be either the effect or the cause, its up to you to figure which one caused something or was the effect of something."

Taking advice when you'd rather not:

"now, read me and read this good, okay? April, you are a good person. you are charming, you are intelligent, and you are extremely talented. and the jump card- you are extremely caring.  When we penis-bearing individuals don't get enough liqour, dope, ciggys, women is what we want.  Your trump card is your biggest vulnerability. Stop being nice to everyone and anyone."

Learning that being nice also means telling the truth:
"I'll have you know though, I'm not really that nice. Like you,  I say it like it is."

"and how is that not nice? I did not say you are soft and mushy! I said you are nice! nice is being honest and all."

Finding Laughter with a best friend:

Being there for a Friend:

"What's wrong?" 
 "heart hurts a bit." 
 "why is that?" 
"long story."
"I'm listening..err well reading that is :)"
"I don't want to put this shit on you, you have enough to worry about."
"Hey, I'm your friend remember?"
"I know, and that's why I can't"
 "Well, too bad, tell me anyway"

 "I'll call you in a bit."

 "Ok. I'll wait to hear from you then. Keep your chin up, you at least got someone willing to listen, though I can't fix anything."

 Being encouraged by a Friend when your world crumbles beneath your feet:

I think you are a very courageous and brave woman. The decisions and changes you have made couldn't have been easy, but made them you did, for you knew in the long run that they were and are the right ones. Now you have to go about re-building a 'new' life, and that will of course bring its share of ups and downs, and that horrid horrid self-doubts. Maybe the thing to do in those momentary dark moments, is to think back to the really bad times, the times you were ready to crumple up and sink away.That will surely push you through and give you the hope and determination to keep on going.

Giving advice to a friend:

"Just because you may have made mistakes that hurt another person, does not give that person the right to break you and your spirit just because they can."

And being open enough to listen when someone else speaks:

Thank you to everyone for the inspiration. Here is a song I love by Micheal Franti !!!!! Enjoy Everyone!


Opaque said...

I have always appreciated acknowledgment. And, this post does just that. You acknowledge, respect and appreciate your friends. It is hard to find that today.

Everyone has some sort of an influence on anyone.

The Write Girl said...

This is's amazing how encouraging words from a friend can brighten our day and strengthen us. I enjoyed your post.