Monday, August 2, 2010

Say Goodbye to Loves

To Say Goodbye to Loves by April L. Gerard

Say it, I say to myself.
Just say it.

As a slow smile
crosses my face,
And wistful tears
down my cheeks I taste.

Remember hop scotch,
jump rope, and letters
with x's and o's?

feelings remembered..
How did they come and go?
Yesterdays and Tomorrows,


The you I found and lost,
the me I saw and let go.

Say it, but I just can't say it.

holding on to the words,
the inflections, the tones.

the fairy tale of simpleness,
of swing sets, and monkey bars.

Of hand holding and fast cars.

Innocence wrapped up
in the shiny packages
of grown up senses.

Evenings without lonely.

Reaching, longing
for that not too distant past.

Saying "Red Rover" or "Tag, your it"
in letters sent, freely given
in a teasing smile...

a smile of my heaven,
that never existed yet.
all of it, all these things
have me.

My fingers ache
for the touch of piano keys,
a lone room and microphone
to sing along to my heart's

as I used to do years ago.
Just to help myself to let it go.

To say Goodbye to Loves
and hope like hell it comes back one day.


Real Me said...

It is very hard to admit what we have lost and what we want/need to accept. We dislike to forget the good moments, and we tend to pick out the goods from the bads, only for our self-satisfaction.

Get back to yourself. Be true to yourself. Become you, again! I might have mentioned this in one of my past comments that people mostly tend to live like others to satisfy someone else and not necessarily themselves. For a change, let us live OUR life being OURSELVES.

You don't have to necessarily let go of things that you yearn to do. You can still do them. I know you can!

Someone told me - "you should never let go of your dreams". Hmm, you know very well who told me that. :)

Real Me said...

I forgot to complement the accompanied image here. As simple as it is to connect it to simplicity in childhood, it also conveys its underbelly, the underlying complexes.