Friday, July 23, 2010

Color of Midnight Rain

**Many thanks to my brother in law for his unexpected play on words as he described the color of Blue to my eldest daughter. His phrase"Color of Midnight Rain" reminded me of some other things in life and hence, it sparked this poem to life a few weeks ago.**

 photo below taken from this site: Desktop Nexus

Color of Midnight Rain by April Gerard written on 7-5-2010

The mood,
the sway,
the cast of Virgin blue.

It speaks of you,
like the color of midnight rain.

A tie,
knotted rope,
Anchored deep in emotion

A ship rocked,
with hardened waves,
unable to move from the storm.

It feels of you,
this mood colored of midnight rains.


Opaque said...

This is simple yet beautiful! The color of rains during nights have always intrigued me, but my photography skills have not developed to such an extent to capture it. Hmm.

Love the analogy of the ship. Ships are safest in the harbor but then that is not what they are built for.It is not just a good ship, but a very good sailor that can steer the ship to its desired shores.

Keep writing!!!

dianne said...

Beautiful poem dear April, the emotion tied into your words creates a lovely image. xoxo ♡

Rick said...

Hi April!
Lovely poem
made me think of midnight rains and if they be friend or foe. they seem mostly peaceful. ~rick