Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wonder and Fireflies

I wrote part of this awhile ago, but never finished it or I guess I should say never polished it up until now. But Triana inadvertently inspired me today with a post on her facebook about her kids and fireflies and I thought "now that is exactly the feeling I was after with this one!"  I hope you enjoy this one because I gotta tell you, catching fireflies was one of my favorite summer past times. There just seems to be something of innocence in catching those small creatures.

Wonder and Fireflies by April Gerard

Reminiscing of chasing,
of dreaming,
of child love
tucked into the heart
just like fireflies.

It's a wonder how they glow.
I wonder alot.
really wonder.

So many things,
so much to know,
no way to know it.

Nothing is
ever really

Just like the wonder
of the glow
of the fireflies.

As humans, we think...
sometimes alot,
sometimes too little.

But we're so sure.

So defined
what we thought...

When we thought
we knew it.

And, yet still
I am,
still wondering...


childlike wonder,
the mason jar,
and the glow
of the


Opaque said...

Yes, childish thoughts are sometimes quite profound. We don't realize it as we negate their thoughts with some cute acknowledgments or answers. But, coming to think of it, these are valid thoughts.

Noelle said...

I really like this one April.

Syd said...

A wonderful memory for me as well. I used to go to sleep with them glowing next to me.