Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Be Discovered

Lots of life decisions seem to be presenting themselves to me lately.  Course, I think I made my decisions a long time ago, just in the act of re-affirming them here recently maybe. 

I'm very near the completion of one of my novels I've started...its really a great feeling to know I'm getting closer to some of my life goals.  Sometimes I think we often "think" we've lost ourselves in our process of learning, living, and making what we percieve to be mistakes in the journey. But we don't really lose ourselves do we...often times, its quite the opposite in that we find or "discover" ourselves. And it often serves as a reminder that no mistake ever made gave nothing- for we always gain knowledge of something in the course of trial and error.  And in my case, I'm starting to believe that what might be percieved as a mistake is actually the best thing I've had happen...but that is sort of a complicated thing to explain, so I'm not even going to try.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm rambling on here, but my thoughts are trying to sort out many plans, ideas, and concerns.  I guess I feel like I am "discovering" many things, some good suprises and some not so good..but all are very eye opening and enabling me to see me in a different way. 

Have a good night/day everyone! and enjoy the short poem..

To Be Discovered by April Gerard

I don't know
everything I wish to know,
everything I am
is already in me,
waiting to be discovered.


Pavitra .... said...

Lovely poem..
Short...and so full of emotions..
Hope you do get discovered :)

Opaque said...

All these attributes were already there, and that is the reason while finding them we call them a discovery and not an invention. I understand what you are going through. Even I believe that what we've done, even if a mistake, is not one. I exactly know what you are implying there. And, I completely agree. There is a lesson learnt there. So, it is a mistake worthwhile committed.

You have a good night yourself.

dianne said...

Lovely post and poem April dear. xoxo ♡

Syd said...

It is within me too. I just need to bring some of it out.