Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, I did promise to post my series.  So here is the next one..although not sure what anyone thought of that last one, but I suppose in this case (no offense intended) that this series is more for me than anyone else.  I must warn you though, in the next coming days as I post these in what I've come to call my "Weight of Thoughts" series of poems, you will see perhaps a different side of my writings.  I hope you still enjoy them! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Provacative by April Gerard

What provokes?
where is the yoke?

Broken, bent, or invisible strained.
Mirrored image of paper rains.

The constant feel of push and pull.

What bends to bleed,
will stain the needs.

An ache of pressing ages
looked backwards at life's ripped and torn pages.

Bittersweet of entanglement.

Echos of wants, left alone,
dropped at a doorstep that should never be knocked.

Hurts and pains and timid remains,
Pushed and shoved to make it fit.

No strength to let go. Too precious it was, but let go it must.

Release pulled away Tiny "would be" paper notes
aflame in memories; still it stays.

Something was here...there was something here...
a hole, a void, a nothingness felt now..but there was something here.

provoking, bleeding, leaving...  stealing me again.


dianne said...

This is wonderful April dear and though you say it is for you I can relate to every line, thank you for sharing. xoxo ♡

pilgrimchick said...

I like the feeling that this invokes--exactly as it is meant to. Very nice.

Opaque said...

You see, most people pretend to be others. It is only good to be yourself, for a change.Being unnoticed is worse than being assaulted.

Reflecting back and finding out the about the "nothingness" will free you from an unresolved issue and make things better.

Else, let go, and march ahead!

Ritz.. said...

Broken, bent, or invisible strained.
Mirrored image of paper rains.

Beautiful lines :)


Ritz.. said...
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Syd said...

I have felt like that a time or two.