Friday, May 21, 2010

No Expectations

Just a word, this is a bit of glimpse into my thoughts I usually don't share. Hope that everyone has a great weekend and keep working towards whatever it is you're aiming for in life. You'll get there someday.

No Expectations by April Gerard

Never heard 'em say it.
No one ever said I could,
didn't ever really look for them to.

But I'm doing it,
because I want to,
because I need to.
Because I love to.
I'm not the kind who looks for
others approval or nod,
I'm just out to show
that it can be done.
Should be done.
Reach for it, grab it!
Don't let the world steal you're

It's here on the Earth
waiting for you to take it,
don't stop in reverse,
there's nothing worse
than a mind who once thought
it was a possibility
a dream to be caught
in the hands on the way in the world
making plans to attain...

and then BAM...

the mind let it wash away.
Because of what the others say.

But I say, don't.
Never let the world steal your dreams.
Shout 'em out,
show 'em how..
rip it out from underneath
the idleness of empty,
and let it out.

Look at the where at I once stood.
I was a mess, growing up in homelessness,
poverty and broken relationships.
Family in the locker,
that's where most thought I'd be.

But look at me now.
See where I'm at?
I make my own road,
don't give a damn
what the world got to say.
I learned early on
to hold my own and make my own way.

No Expectations..

Just reach
beyond your clouds.

and hold on,
I'm here to walk with you
through it now.

***this poem was inspired by by a multitude of things. My own convictions, Brosreview's thoughts he shared on his blog-the Odds are Good but the Goods are Odd, Eminem's new song "Not Afraid", Triana and I's longstanding friendship and a host of other things that I don't have permission to share on here.  To a dear friend of mine- this is for you. Keep your chin up, all is never lost- even when it feels like you've hit rock bottom.***


Noelle said...

April, This is wonderful! I love that line ..."never let the world steal your dreams"....amen to that girl!

Frosted Glass said...

Stevie Wonder once said that life cannot be based on others' expectations. If this is due to self-confidence, it is commendable, else, it is egoistic. It is hard, and almost impossible to lead a life without expectations. Having realistic ones are fair enough. Unrealistic ones can be fatal.

findingmywingsinlife said...


Frosted Glass,
Hmm. You've changed your name on here. I agree with you on this, I meant to try to convey the idea that having expectations of yourself is ok as long as you believe in it and know you can do it, but allowing others expectations or beliefs to keep you from moving forward in life and your dreams is not. And I also agree, having unrealistic ones can indeed be fatal- to the body, the mind, or the heart. As you said before- no expectations is often easier said than done :)

Syd said...

Nice April. I keep my expectations to a minimum.