Monday, May 10, 2010

Loving Life and Learning to Live it

I'm so sorry for my lack of postings here lately. I just haven't had the time really.  The good news is that here at work, I've been able to help several people keep from losing their homes in my foreclosure counseling sessions and I have over 14 families participating in the financial classes we offer to those who have applied for Habitat Housing. This summer we intend to build 4 new homes!

What does all of this add up too?? Several things:

One- my Habitat affiliate is the only one in the Nation that I know of that offers community services such as the Foreclosure Prevention Counseling I'm doing, in addition to the traditional model of building homes for low income families who then pay back a zero percent interest mortgage.

Two- I'm one busy lady, but I like it.  the downfall to this is that I've had to prioritize my personal activities to fit the new & much longer work schedule.  Blogging, for the time being is on the back burner simmering until I reach some other goals I've set for myself. I wasn't very active physically last year and I intend to remedy that. I have set aside Monday nights for the Softball league I've joined and I've signed my kids up for various activities as well for the summer.  I've even participated in a few Karaoke nights with Triana :)

The point is balance and learning to love all aspects of my life- not just parts of it.  I'll post again when I can, until then- Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 

Take care,


Brosreview said...

As Einstein put it, living life is like riding a bicycle. To keep everything in balance, one needs to keep peddling and riding it. You must be proud of your accomplishments.

dianne said...

Good work April, you must feel a great sense of accomlishment in helping people keep their homes and make housing available for low income families.
Enjoy all the apsects of your life but don't forget to take care of yourself and your health. xoxo ♡

Syd said...

Balance in life is important. Glad that you are getting yours. Take care and I'll look forward to your return to blogging. Habitat does some amazing work!

joven said...

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Rick said...

i know about the time thing. First blogging I've done in two weeks. take care~rick