Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In the last two days, I have written a series of poems based on my thoughts, feelings, and observations that I have had over the last few weeks.  This is the start of them and I will post them every other day or so. It is sort of like a reflection log, but in poem form.  I do hope you enjoy reading these and I hope everyone is enjoying their week or at least finding one thing to smile about!

Deafness by April Gerard

I may be deaf,
but it is the world who fails to hear.

The language spoken
with our hands, our bodies..
it says so many things.

To chose to keep a space between,
helps to define the lines.

Lines that most never see.

They trample, they jump,
they reach out and touch
what is not theirs to touch.

We say so many things
by saying too much.

But it's never with words that we say them.

No it's never the words
that we can't hear...

It's the universal language,
the one spoken by
a jut of the jaw,
or clasp of the hands.

The way we speak,
without speaking.

The one language so often ignored
or misused;
but desperately in need
of our attention.

1 comment:

Opaque said...

I couldn't agree with you more. The words that we use to express ourselves are as important as the words we do not use. The unspoken words are replaced by our actions/gestures. The tone of the speech is most important.

It is like a mature couple who do not use the phrase "I love you" that much, because every single gesture speaks the same, only in greater volumes.

Lines, boundaries are necessary to render personal space. It is important. Most people fear that it is a turn towards distancing oneself. But, they could not be more wrong.

The world hears. Oh, yes it does. The only trouble is, the world does not listen.

Coming to think of it, I am going to make a recommendation here. If time permits, do listen to "Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the Silence".