Monday, April 5, 2010

Traveling Feet and Wandering Thoughts

I have written yet another chapter in my book and I feel pretty good about it. It seems my creativity it slowly coming back to me and I don't want to waste it by not making time to pen these thoughts down. Here is a poem I just wrote that encompasses so many things. Hope you enjoy this poem.

And I hope that each of you are working towards whatever dreams and/or goals you have set yourself in mind to make happen.  Persistance is often times the hardest thing to keep up, but its a neccessary thing that disciplines you to keep moving and walking towards the things that matter most. Have a lovely night everyone!

Traveling Feet and Wandering Thoughts by April L. Gerard

I'm Walking.

to clear my head
as my feet take me in no
particular direction.

It's Lovely.

The way the rhythm of my feet
quickens with each thought
that turns itself around in my head.

the Breeze.

these thoughts always carry me,
keep me heading in the right direction.
Steadfast in my determination to be more.

Listen to the birds.

My feet take me past the trees
intermixed amongst the homes situated
in this small town as I weave the alleys and backways.

This town is pretty,
but its always the same.

I only like this place when its warm,
when its nighttime and I can feel the world
as it sleeps. Its the only time its peaceful.


Really though, I just don't want to settle for less.
My goals are only meant to prove to myself
that I'm worth more than narrow minds and empty streets.

It's kinda like airing out my Soul.

My feet know
what my heart knows.

Walking gives you pause for consideration,
the time to churn over all your ideas
and place them in perspective of when and where and how's.


That's the sound of me,
walking in the direction my feet take
as I move towards those dreams
I put onto paper and own.

Like no one else could ever own them.

I take myself closer to them,
with dogged determination
to Make them come alive
and be more than just a goal

One Step at a time.


Rick said...

yes, April. it's good for us to air out our soul. except i think i like places when they're colder-keeps the others in. lovely poem. ~rick

Syd said...

I like airing out my head. Great poem.

Brosreview said...

Just beautiful! I can relate to this, and walking out in the air makes me feel so good. Well done!

pilgrimchick said...

Great poem, and very true words about persistence. I entirely agree with you.

Triana said...

Exactly why I love walking, and am so glad that the weather is changing as is my mobility :)

(gothswitcher3) said...

was flipping through blogs and I found this one..,2 words! LOVE IT!!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I don't know that I like cold, but I understand what you're saying! Thanks you!

Same here, it just feels good to walk and clear the mind sometimes doesn't it?

Thanks! I have to admit, this one is a favorite for me to go back and read. I often wonder how these poems come from my head..I enjoy reading them just as much as my readers do and I learn a little about myself each time.

yes, persistence is neccessary and often the hardest thing to make yourself do. I'm glad you liked this!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!