Sunday, April 4, 2010

To Bridge the Distance

A poem I wrote not long ago, but fits my mood of persistence and continuing to find ways to improve myself and my surroundings. One day I hope that I will have made enough of a difference that the rest of the world joins in...and though that may seem an ambitious thought, at least I hope and strive for that.

To Bridge the Distance by April Gerard (written February 5, 2010)

I have so many things on my mind.
so many things that make me wonder,
can I really feel my heart beat?

I don't know that I'm listening to it,
or perhaps really
its beating so loud
that it has deafened me.

All i know is that I'm trying
to bury this quaking that persists,
this loneliness. 

Yet, I like to be alone.

Why should these things affect me so?
I want to give my friendship and love,
but I don't know anymore
where or who to place it with. 

There are so many who do not understand
the caveats that come with being able
to really trust someone.

A failing of mine
is that I understand it all too well.

And it keeps me
from allowing myself
to really let people in.

Perhaps that is why I don't
feel my heart beat,
maybe I don't want to hear its pain.

Perhaps there is too much distance
between my heart that cares
and the world who does not.

But I think it does, the world I mean.
I think it does care and that it tries
to leave it behind; or tries to forget.

So many many could do
so much- if they knew that.
If they really knew that,
just as my heart does.

But how do you tell a world these things?

How do you tell a world that
even someone such as me,
who has seen the horrors Life can offer up,
even I still believe that its worth caring for?

There must be a bridge somewhere,
surely there is...somewhere,
for I cannot be the only one
searching for it.

But bridges must be built...

So, I must learn to build mine.
I must learn to bridge the distance.


Brosreview said...

This is a piece that is straight from the heart. Hmm, there was a time when I felt so. You give and give without any expectations in return. But, at one point of time, you want something reflecting back. Even an acknowledgment would do. I reckon, you "bridge the distance" quite well.

I don't know of others, but I reckon, you've got my honey and I to place your friendship with.

Strawberry Girl said...

Sometimes I wish we could all live in a kind world, with caring neighbors and friends... that world does not come easy, I think that is the kind of world that we have to fight for. Duplicity breaks my heart, but there is so much of it out there that it is hard to open up your heart to potential "real" friends... I've been rather closed off for a while as well, I've just had too much crowding into my mind and life. I think you know what I mean... ((Hugs)) :) (and Happy Easter)

dianne said...

It takes a lot of trust to open up your heart and love to someone so we tend to retreat for fear of being hurt for it has all happened before...then we foolishly dip our toe into the warm pool of love again and watch the ripples on the surface as they flow away from us,our hearts hoping they will reach the edge and come back to us, they do for a while and that fills us with happiness ... then they don't, left with emptiness once more, the water has suddenly gone cold for no explicable reason.
Love your poem April. xoxo ♡

Rick said...

yes, we need bridges
to tomorrow to each other to yesterday to hope
good thoughts well said

findingmywingsinlife said...

You totally got it! That's exactly what I was feeling when I wrote this! Wonderful!

Strawberry Girl,
Yes I do. And I agree wholeheartedly with you.

Yes, that often happens doesn't it? But just because they don't come back, does that mean we didn't make a difference? I don't think so, but I do agree that it does at times leave you feeling empty... I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

Thank you. Bridges are needed everywhere, to get to a new place, to visit an old, or to find that space in the middle that is so often needed.'re right Rick ;) Thanks!