Sunday, April 18, 2010


A sunday poem for everyone. Hope the weekend has gone well for all of you. I've had a pretty interesting one so far, lots of ups and downs, but I'm ok with that as often times the ups and downs in life teach valueable life lessons we shouldn't do without.  But, I'm in the mood for some relaxation, some please enjoy this read as I return to writing in my book for the day.

See you all later and have a wonderful night!

Release by April Gerard

Warmth of the tiny tendrils
that seek out my face,
my hands, all of skin exposed
in the brightness of the days' rays.

It fills my soul with soft peace.

My eylids closed,
soaking up the feel
of the water around me
as I float in slient reverie.

This is a favorite thing of mine,
to be in the waters.

The water helps to drown out
the remaining sounds
I still hear in the day's activities
going on around me.

The muffled sounds of birds chirping,
the faint ember of a Siren
wailing in the distance.

None of it matters to me right now.

Here, as I float on the water,
lazily stroking backwards,
feeling the completeness you feel
when in tune with natures tones-

It's here where nothing matters.

Even those hurts and memories
that are better left forgotten
seem to keep themselves away,
and I like the sense of peace it brings.

I want to stay and bask here in the water forever,
to just be content in this world
of temporary contentment- this world
that water and sun provide.

I often think it would be a marvelous thing
to to be able to turn around,
belly facing the depths of miles below the surface
and just cross my arms under my head-

 as if the lake could be my bed
 for the day or night.

But it doesn't work that way.

I can only float so well on my back
and it does take some concentrated effort to do so,
but its effort I like,
the kind that relaxes you


releases you. 

Sometimes, the feel of water and sun...
well sometimes,it makes you feel
as though Life is the one thing you've won.


Rick said...

wow April
I wish I could feel like I won life
i just feel like I screw it up.
The water
lifting, surrounding, carrying
i wonder, under water you would have balance. Thinking of your ears. your bad hearing. under water. they would be equal. cool
love you, Sweetie

Brosreview said...

One can release emotions in several ways. This is one of those ways. I have felt the same.