Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a Note of Thoughts and Ponderings

A short post today and a slight break from the norm, but I wanted to share a small something with you guys. Some of you may remember my list of "Who I want to meet someday" posted back in 2008.  Well, I would like to say I got to meet one of them, but I didn't. However, I met Al Jennings the pastor of  Summit Church where my good friend Miss Deborah Brown graciously invites me to occasionally. Al spoke about Team Hoyt (#4 on my list) this weekend. He got to meet Rick Hoyt in Boston not too long can read about it here on his blog aljennings 

 The point here being that while I may not have had the opportunity to meet one of those on my list, I am finding that meeting people who've already met those on my list is just as good. I really enjoy seeing the inspiration that people like Team Hoyt pass on to others. They truly seem to make a difference in other peoples lives- simply by living their own. 

It makes me take a deeper look at things in life and what we as our own individuals can do to inspire others. Rick Hoyt's dad made a decision in life that I would call a U-turn, but he did it based on what he saw that it would do for his son and they have made an extrodinary impact on others by following what they felt called to do in life rather than settling for less by doing other things less fullfilling with their time.

The whole concept makes me feel even more confident in my writing goals and continually pressing towards these goals of mine. I have no doubt of where I'm going in life and I just need to keep at it :)

And one of these days, I'll meet a few on that list and a few that aren't.  Patience, confidence, and persistence. Those are the things I need to carry with me as I move forward in life and continue to do all that I can for those around me.  I do hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I'll post some more poetry later this week, if you missed my Sunday poem or any others I've posted throughout the last few weeks...just keep on scrolling down the page and you'll find them.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." -Oscar wilder


Brosreview said...

Having goals, designing and laying down paths to reach them, and remaining steady and consistent at meeting them is what is needed.

Rick said...

well, I'd like to meet Hunter thompson but greatly fear his current address.
hope the cold is better. ~rick