Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Sun Rise

The Sun Rise by April Gerard

Have you seen the sun rise?
No, I don't suppose you have.
The burst it makes in the mid of night,
as it creeps into your very soul.
It lights you know,
on the inside.

No no. I promise I'm not insane,
I'm talking something deep,
something profound,
something that hits you;

Like lightning,

as you jolt awake
from your slumber
and realize what you are,
who you are,
the light inside you
that can rise to its call...
if you let it.

But you have to see it,
you have to know it
deep down into the very
depths of that all elusive
grasp on your own reality.

The thing that makes
you understand that normal
is quite strange.
The thing that makes
you awaken to your own
Your own mind, goals,
and dreams.

Yes. That.

The thing so many push
aside, toss around,
and ultimately pitch to the curb.

Its worth more than anything else
this world has to offer.
You mustn't let it go.

The Sun Rise, in you.


The Turning Point said...

I've seen that sunrise! After a week of detoxing in the pit of hell I slept then arose facing the unshaded east window in my bedroom. The sun had just broken the horizon. I was blinded by a window full of gold. Tears came to my eyes. For the first time in my life and after many attempts to quit I knew that this time it would be different. I felt it to my very deep. It was/is profound and I carry that sunrise to this day.

Thanks you hit me right in the heart.


Brosreview said...

I have seen the sunrise and I still make it a point to see it. Yes, there is a burst of energy, for sure.

Rick said...

yes, an awakening and finding it was there all the time. ~rick

Shadow said...

that light, that freedom, when it strikes in moments of unexpectedness, in our subsconscious, and finds its way to our consciousness, those are the moments that bring life to life...

Pavitra .... said...

Beautiful! It has always made me think...what is that thing bout sunrise that wakes you up making you feel so energetic..? Loved the flow of words!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

:) its not seem to be my aletr-ego..funny...good poem...very good site...

findingmywingsinlife said...

The Turning Point,
Thank you for sharing that with me :) I'm glad to know that this was understood. Though it means something a little different to each individual- the concept is still the same.

It does not surprise me that you would know this and understand it :) Thank you!

That's usually the hard part- believing and realizing that it was there all the time ;)

That it does indeed!

Yes, the sunrise does tend to make you feel like you have more energy..haven't figured that out yet.

flying high in the sky,
glad you liked what you found here :) Thank you!