Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dance of Life

Wow, these days I'm in over my head with all the things that I need to do everyday.  I can't believe that I'm actually more busy than I have ever been..and I'm still able to say I'm doing alright :-) The snow around here is melting and the day actually feels quite nice out with the sun shining.  It is inspiring a poem in me...Enjoy and have a wonderful night!

Dance of Life by April Gerard

A drop of crimson blue sky
against the beauty of melting ice,
song birds in the air, and hope in hearts.

An age of time where time does not get spent,
but stilled in the silence of reveried awe
at the marvel of continuance in the breath of life.

Wonders still color the soul with deep smells
of wet lands, merging blades of grass,
and winds gently caressing in its sweep.

There is something of renewed energies released;
Encompassed in Green babies of Hyacinths, Iris, and Peonies-
a glitter of twinkling sprouts playing peek-a-boo for show.

The call of the air speaks of long midnight walks,
and puddles to be made in April's rains,
with blossoms of youths looking to dance in it.

You can feel it coming, this rebirth of Life.

Isn't it Beautiful?


Brosreview said...

Yes, I can feel it; thanks to the imagery generated by this piece.

Just beautiful!

Shadow said...

this is beautiful alright! i can taste some spring fever here. i've been veeeery absent, i apologise. seems my new addiction is taking over. thank goodness the neighbours haven't complained yet though, heee heee heeee.

Rick said...

Shoot, April! my comment just disappeared! anyway, said this was too pretty for March, should have saved it for, well, you know. Was in Indy last night. Where were you?

findingmywingsinlife said...

I really like this one, so its good to hear that I was able to convey the imagery well!

The drumming is coming along well then??? heeeheeheee. I'm glad your having a great time rediscovering yourself, keep at it my friend!

Y thank you :)