Monday, March 29, 2010

Brave is Love

For Annie & Ajey, my two wonderful and dear friends who are linking the divide of miles with their love and painting it in words for all of us around the world to read.  Thank you each for showing us what it means to be Brave with love.

Brave is Love by April Gerard

I wonder about bravery.
What is it?

Certainly, we shy away
from being the fool.
But, isn't the Fool,
the Brave one?

To shout out,
with such certainty
that one is meant for

Interesting isn't it?

How we view bravery
as something full
of gusto; Something
meant for those
physically strong.

But I look,
and I see people
who show more bravery
in this world than most
would dare to know.

For to me,
A heart held out
for all to hear and see,
that's what Bravery is.

That's being brave, at least to me.


BloggerMouth said...

Interesting perspective, April. Annie and Ajey have become Blogsville's official 'cutest couple' :P Nice write up!

Shadow said...

it's brave, it's beautiful, it's romantic, it's a dream...

Strawberry Girl said...

April this is beautiful and eloquent! I am so sorry for the neglect, as you found out from my facebook profile my eldest son met with a freak accident and damaged his kidney by running into a pole while trying to catch a football. Nevertheless I apologize for not getting over here to appreciate this piece, you are so right, it is terrifying to stand and declare that you are in love with someone in today's cynical world. Ajey is my biggest supporter and best friend... thank you for writing this piece dear friend, and for inquiring after my son. BTW he is doing well, he came home yesterday (to my parents as I was sick and didn't want him to catch what I had) and he is on a low-fat diet for a month (to give his pancreas a chance to heal) but I am still very grateful for the miracle that he avoided surgery...

Thanks again April... ((Hugs))

Brosreview said...

I read this the day you'd released it. But, I wanted her (you know whom) to comment on this beautiful piece. I am brave because when I held her hand, I know she is holding mine back. I hope all is well!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I agree with you, but I do want to point out that with Annie & Ajey, its more than just "cutest couple". They've got what the world keeps searching for a million times over..

it is isn't it!

Strawberry Girl,
You're more than welcome! I enjoy talking with you and Ajey. Hugs right back to you!

I thought as much :)I'm really glad the two of you like this. You've both given the world something it really never believed it would the way its meant to be.