Monday, February 15, 2010

Year of Reflections

I have been noticing that a lot of people are taking a break from their blogs. It would seem that this is the year of reflection for many. In talking through emails/phone calls I’ve discovered that some of you are on a mission- a mission to find yourself and reconnect with all the parts of you that somehow- you thought you lost. Even I have not been posting as regularly as I used to.

I think for me though, it’s the idea of giving myself some balance. I’m more focused on some other things that I want to accomplish and I’ve been giving some more thought to what else I’d like to explore here on this blog. I love to write my poems, short stories, and such…but I want to do more with it. Perhaps I’ll start to include stories of the families I work with here at my Habitat affiliate (with their permission of course). But I would like to share the wonderful things I see in my world of work; I want to make good on showing the world that change can and does happen in small increments, and with small hands at work- just like mine.

Either way though, I’m here, rooting for each of you who are in the midst of finding your wings. You’ve got a friend here, who is just an email away if you need a place to vent, to let off steam, to shout out epiphanies, or to simply talk to have someone to talk to. And I’ll still be around here, posting everyday when it strikes me or every few days as it continues to be a busy, sometimes heartbreaking- but nonetheless, still a wonderful roller coaster ride of life.

Have a beautiful day everyone and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts to share :-)


mikkilee said...

I'm finding my wings in life. Thank you for your post. I will come back to visit to see where your wings are taking you.


Spellbound said...

I keep falling in and out of love with my blogs. It just depends on what is lying on my heart and how much time I have to say the words. I stay here because of the wonderful people I've met and curiosity as to why so many people found my blog by googling something with the word "panties" in it. What's up with that?

Shadow said...

you are so right. about the balance. we are so passionate about blogging, that it can threaten to take up a large section of our time, therefore stopping us from exploring other avenues. anyway, that is how i feel. i'm back to blogging, but it will not be a intensely regular as it once was. after all, i have drumming practice to take into account, heee hee heeee

Syd said...

Thanks. I think the blogging has its ups and downs in terms of originality for me. When I have nothing but happiness in my life, I am not as introspective. I'm just happy right now. Yea for that.

Rick said...

April- it's many things. Time one of them. I feel I just hold on every day. But I've been doing that a long time. sigh~rick

findingmywingsinlife said...

I think, in one way or another, we all are finding are wings ;) Thanks for stopping over here!

Haha. Only you could manage to wrangle people over to your blog with such words. I'm glad you stick around though, you are a wonderful writer. Keep at it :)

Yep, you are absolutely right Girl. And hmmmm....maybe I need to think about taking up something like drums, you seem to be having so much fun with it! hehehehe...

Finding yourself in a place of peace and happiness is always a good thing ;)

Your on your way to discovering that you've been flying with your wings all along--you just don't know it yet ;)
...and gosh darn it, where is that drink at??? I swear it keeps hiding from us, elusive damn thing. Hehehe...