Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A world of questions

This post is a continuation of the comment I left on Rick's Campfire post. He really got my brain to thinking, as he usually does ;)

and like my friend Rick, I'm always thinking up more questions than I am answers. I kinda think it makes me appreciate my world more. Love it more for the small wonders that my brain can never seem to wrap itself around completely, which leaves me in complete awe of how much I'll never really know.

A World in My Pocket

Often times, I wonder at the notions we carry,
the things we think we know
and the things we couldn't possibly
have time enough to find all the answers for.

It makes me ask things like..

Does the grass know we walk on it?
Does it care? Should we?

Does water have a soul,
wrapped around me in its cleansing warmth?
Does it know that it caresses my hurts,
did it choose to or am I using it for my own purpose?

Ah, and then really,
is the Universe outside the earth darkened
because we're tucked into the pocket of God,
surrounded by all that he or she might think to carry?

Or is the marble in my hands a world
all its own, with its own version
of humanity hidden in its insides?

And what then does that make me?

Does the wind know we can't see it,
As it wraps its arms around us in a gentle
spring breeze or whips us
with its wrath when angry?

Of course the wind knows its angry, right?
or is it me and my moods on any given day,
am I lending it my feelings and stuffing it
with thoughts so that it might have a soul?

Could I ever really know? Beautiful isn't it?
All these wonderful questions that the world
in our pocket holds.


Rick said...

Ok, Apers, some more.How big does an ant think the universe is? Does a tree count it's owm circles to know it's age? Does rain know it fell before? Does wind know it can never escape? And for those like me, who believe in a God, Does even one blade of grass grow out of place or by chance? and if so, who decides what God ddoes control and doesn't? Damn, my head hurts. Hey Tri-get me a drink, will ya?
~rick Hey! where are you anyway. I'm in jeffersonville waiting.

dianne said...

I like this, a lot of lateral thinking there April, there are so many questions to which we will never know the answers.
As for the wind, no we cannot see it, we can only feel it and see the effect it has on other things around us ... I wonder does the rain know how beautiful is its scent and so too the meadow grass ... so many questions?

Noelle said...

I too wonder of so many things...

glad you got those free tickets, have fun girl!

Brosreview said...

Questions, is what makes us seek answers, increase our wisdom. So, why not, ask? Seek and one shall find, innit? A nice post!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I'm going to make you stop up here sooner or later. And I have a feeling Tri would tell you to get your own drink, you got two legs :) (just kidding) you really ought to just bite the bullet and come visit us! Love your questions btw!

I think you and I often times think alike. Glad you liked it.

I think we all wonder about these things sometimes. And yes, those tickets were well worth it, we had a great time!

I couldn't agree more. Questions do often bring us to other deeper questions and thoughts that increase our awareness and openness in our minds, hearts, and souls.