Thursday, February 11, 2010

Summer Ways

I'm feeling extrodinarily happy today. Not that anything really exciting is going on, but that explicit joy that comes from knowing you're overcoming your own hurdles and that the hope you almost let go of, really is there after all.  Yeaaay! Makes me feel like a kid all over again. Kinda reminds me of summer in that easy feeling that  it brings when you're enjoying warm weather and people.

Summer Ways

Sunshine bright
smile wide as happiness is.
Jump up,
fall down,
land on feet,
and jump up again.
Kids playing,
water sprinkling over yonder,
and a small little one
stretches out a hand
to catch the bubbles floating
in the air that another
child has blown in the wind.
Bikes whizzing by,
runners making their rounds,
students forgetting their studies
to enjoy the last of Sunshines ray's
a crest of red streaks up over head
as the Moon takes slowly
over the sky and Sun sets.
A warm breeze,
a smile at ease,
and Summer's thoughts
whisper melodies.


Rick said...

Yay, April! I'm all over this. When's the bus leave? ~rick

Syd said...

I'm looking forward to those summer days.

Spellbound said...

Thanks for a bit of summer on such a winter's day. I think I'm back blogging and actually commenting on other people's blogs. An epiphany of sorts overcame me, again.

Brosreview said...

Fantastic! Great! You've crossed hurdle(s). It is a fantastic feeling that both my darling and I have been experiencing.

I love both the attitude, the excitement and the happiness associated with this piece.

Keep on writing!!!

dianne said...

A very nice 'summery' poem, brings back memories of when my children were very young.
I enjoyed your short story as well, I can relate to a lot of what you are saying there.
Are you by any chance in the United Kingdom? ♡

findingmywingsinlife said...

You mean the plane right??? 'Cause the only way we're getting warmer weather is to find it- which means heading south and I don't wanna take too long to get there either ;)

Me too. I'm feeling like some good things are coming this year.

Hey look, its you! I will have to call and see how things are going with the newest addition to the grandchildren. Lovely to see you back on here :)

I'm soo excited I can hardly stand it! It seems that things go so much easier once you cross the hurdles and say to yourself "I'm not going back, I'm not turning around..I'm going forward and moving on" I do hope yesterday went well for you and Annie, I did try to call to say hello and to wish you both a happy V-Day :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the poem and thankyou for letting me know what you thought about the short story, I was really concerned about how people would react to that one since I got very little feedback on it. Thanks you! Oh, and no..never been to the UK. I don't even have my passport yet..gotta work on that so I can come visit all you wonderful people around this world!
For now though, I'm still kickin' it here in Indiana :)