Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Friends

A small tribute to all of the wonderful friends I have both on here and in the real world.  Thank you all.

Best Friends

When my tears are rolling,
your there to catch them when needed
or to let them fall when I need to feel them.

When I feel like I can't do this anymore,
you're there to answer the phone,
or offer up encouragement and a listening ear,
even when you have so much going on yourselves.

When I need to vent out my sorrows,
you show me yours and stand there and smile,
reminding me that all is never really lost or

When I feel like my heart has betrayed me,
you calmly reach out your hands
not to tell me I'm wrong or show me whats right,
but to offer your stoic friendship of understanding.

When foolishly I crawl,
after I've stepped off of the cliff
you help me to walk.

When my eyes are blind
to those who would do my heart harm,
you help me see.

When I beg to just let go,
to let me forget those eyes
that haunt my soul,
you remind me that love is always right there,


in the hands of a friend who has been strong enough
to care..even when you need it more than I.


Brosreview said...

Thanks for this. I can relate to the second stanza! Be strong! Keep writing!!!

Syd said...

Great poem. Thanks for sharing this.

Rick said...

Hi April, so behind but wanted to at least check in. You mean I don't live in the real world? Be well. Hope the pacers won. I'm in hebron, waiting for snowstorm. chicago in morning. you should be here! ~rick

Triana said...

I'm glad I made you read this poem to me :)
It makes me tear up.

findingmywingsinlife said...

You're welcome. You know I consider you one of those few best friends I have :)

Thank you!

Well if you'd actually stop in and buy that drink we keep talking about, then you'd be included in the real world ;) And Hebron!!!! you're only a couple hrs away, you should've stop in after Chicago!

You mush ;) just teasing you, you know.